NetVid adheres to industry normal terms and conditions. By engaging in a production, unless there is a prior agreement in writing, it is understood that you agree to the following:

Terms and Conditions:

  • NetVid is the operating brand name of Eclipse Media Ltd. All payments must be made to Eclipse Media Ltd.
  • The client’s requirements must be clearly provided to NetVid at the time of briefing and before commencement of work. Any quotation will be based on these requirements and deliverables.
  • Any subsequent changes to client’s requirements after approval of production quote must also be provided in writing and then approved by NetVid and these may incur further cost.
  • E-mail correspondence shall be sufficient for initial approvals and subsequently to prove changes to agreements for the form and content of programmes, as long as it is acknowledged with a response. It is the client’s responsibility to provide signed purchase orders/numbers at the time of approval if they are required for invoicing.
  • For jobs that cost HK$10,000 or less, full upfront payment is required. For larger budgets, NetVid expects payment of the first 50% of the production budget at least 7 days prior to first shoot day, to allow time to confirm all bookings. This is a non-refundable payment. The balance (2nd 50% invoice) is payable within 14 days of delivery of the finished content. Overdue accounts are subject to an interest charge of 2% per month, in the absence of prior written agreement.
  • For overseas commissions of camerawork-only jobs where rushes (camera files) are to be delivered overseas unedited, full payment is required on go-ahead (usually 7 days, but in some instances shorter). Crew cannot be confirmed until payment is received. This is non-refundable.
  • Payment should be by bank transfer or cheque in HK dollars unless agreed prior to production. All cheques must be made payable to Eclipse Media Ltd. Any and ALL bank charges (including payee side) must be paid by the transferer.
  • On delivery of final approved film, copyright of that finished edited film will be transferred to the client, however NetVid will retain the copyright of all captured and created materials such as unedited footage, graphics and audio recorded. Should a client also require transfer of copyright of all rushes (ie: unedited camera footage, straight for camera card or equivalent) an additional fee will be quoted. NetVid also reserves the right to use any approved footage for their own promotional purposes.
  • In the instance that the finished film contains third party materials, NetVid will clear usage of those materials for use in the medium/media outlined in the production quote. NetVid cannot be held in any way responsible for royalty claims arising out of usage of these materials.
  • Specifically, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure clearance is gained to use any materials, such as video or stills photos, provided by the client to NetVid in the course of the production.
  • Any confidential or proprietary information which is acquired by NetVid from a client company, person or entity will not be used or disclosed to any person or entity, except when required to do so by law. If required, NetVid will sign and adhere to the conditions of a confidentiality agreement provided by the client.
  • Any contract requiring NetVid to work to specific deadlines provided within the written agreement will be deemed to include a proviso that the clients will make themselves reasonably available to communicate with NetVid. If NetVid deem them not to have been so, then NetVid cannot be held responsible for failing to meet a deadline.
  • Up until the final invoice has been settled all video (and selected Photography) may be presented with a watermark.
  • In the event of inclement weather (or a specific weather warning issued by HKO), NetVid reserves the right to change the date of filming to a more suitable day. This is to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. In instances where weather might compromise the finished product, NetVid will consider, where reasonable, re-scheduling with agreement from the client. This may, however, result in a delayed delivery of the finished film/s.
  • If a client terminates the contract, they will remain liable to pay in full for all work previously undertaken and in progress by NetVid unless any other written agreement is reached in advance.